Lavington Public School

Progress through knowledge.

Telephone02 6025 1864

About our school

Lavington Public School prides itself on high standards, sporting involvement, cultural experiences, parental commitment and academic achievements.

We are committed to offering a quality education from experienced and dedicated staff in a stimulating and caring school environment.

To achieve this, our school benefits from an overwhelming level of support from our community. Students are motivated to achieve and encouraged to develop a love of learning.

Staff are also encouraged to pursue development opportunities to ensure that we offer learning programs of the highest standard.

Our area now known as Lavington was called Bungambrawatha, or “Homeland” by the Wiradjuri people. There is a long history of habitation prior to 1824, when the explorers Hume and Hovell were the first non-Indigenous people to pass through the area.

This region was a source of comfort and security for Wiradjuri people and provided the majority of their necessities, including tools, food, medicine, shelter, fibres, water, and items for trade.

On 16 October 1865 the Black Range School, with 27 pupils, opened at the north-west corner of Prune and Murphy streets. The school was moved to its present site, at the intersection of Jindera (Urana) Road and Bungambrawatha Creek, in 1882, and was later renamed Lavington Public School.

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